Chocolate Premium Blanket
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Chocolate Premium Blanket

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Our premium cosy blankets come with classic seed-stitched designs that makes it the perfect
choice for stylish comfort and warmth in any setting.  

They are super plush, warm and comfortable for all year round use. They serve as more than
just a basic blanket!

They are beautiful, silky soft, luxurious and smooth, creating the most soothing and relaxing sleepy experience you can ever ask for.

Its 100% silky soft brushed microfiber fabric is made of high-quality double-brushed microfiber grains,
ultra-comfortable and super strong linen with the ability to last for years.

It is 100% hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and environmentally friendly. This ensures that you do not
fall prey to reactions or repulsions that could come as a result of skin sensitivity to certain kinds of
chemical reactions that could arise from the usage of ordinary blankets.


Each blanket comes with 2 pillowcases.

It can be used for a quilt and throw for the ultimate satisfaction in warmth and softness.

Machine washable in cold setting. Dries quickly on tumble dry low temperature. It is stain, shrink and
wrinkles resistant.

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