Are You A Hotelier?

Never risk purchasing bed linens that disrupt your guest’s peace of sleeping. Whether they are businessmen in suits, a family of three, or outdoor enthusiasts, they are just tired. All they need is a replenishment on a soft bed with soft linens. Discover ESORAE LUXURY’s bed linens or get in touch with us to get the most unique sheets, duvet covers, quilts, protectors, bath mats, towels and pillowcases that pair with your hotel.

E’Sorae Luxury is a premier hotel bed linen supplier offering a wide range of wholesale hospitality bed linen. Our selection of healthcare bed linens is ideal for hoteliers like you, institutions, hospitals, serviced apartments, long-term facilities, and other related industries.


  • E’Sorae Luxury uses fabrics uniquely designed for hotel bed linens to tear frequent laundry. Using industrial duvet machines, and weaving machines, we produce fabrics ranging from 300 TC to 600 TC, ensuring that our sheets, comforters and pillowcases provide an ultimate soft feeling when touching. 
  • We are a hotel bedding supplier who understands your needs. With beauty and comfort in mind, we use combed cotton yarn and Egyptian cotton as bedding materials. We take great pride in the quality of all materials, from the inside out.
  • To enhance your hotel’s brand image, you can have your logo seen on the bed linens without influencing the softness and comfort.
  • We have a production capacity that can accommodate bulk demands and deliver to you in time without compromising quality sewings and neat finishings.

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